The Fundamentals of Shape, Flow and Tapering with Jake Houlihan

In this How To, Jake from the recently opened Ramble On Studio swung by and got behind the Captain’s Chair to cover the fundamentals of Shape, Flow and Tapering.

Shape, Flow and Tapering are three key principles to follow when cutting straight mid length, hair. Executed well, these three pieces will result in a clean style that is easy for your customer to recreate at home, and of course, keep them looking fresh until their next visit.

Despite his youth, Jake has earnt his stripes in some of Australia’s best barber shops; Hutto’s Barbershop in Adelaide and Bare Bones Barbershop Brisbane to name a few. A well-rounded barber, Jake has plenty of tricks up his sleeve, but creating flow is without a doubt one of his best.

See him in action here:

A Tapered Loose Throwback is a super steezy style which is great for someone that likes their hair a little longer on top, but still nice and tight on the sides. This is a favourite for us because of it’s versatility; in the office or at the pub you’ll never look out of place.

For a style like this, there are plenty of products to choose from and the right choice will come down to your hair type and personal preference. In the demo, Jake uses Foam Tonic to leave the hair looking natural while adding just a touch of hold. Matte finish products like Easy Hold, Matte Pomade and Clay can all be used in this sort of style depending on the amount of hold required.

To recreate this style at home, there are a few basic steps to follow.

Firstly, apply 2 or 3 pumps of Foam Tonic to freshly washed hair. Work the Foam Tonic through the hair, ensuring the product gets all the way down to the roots.

Next, use a hairdryer on medium heat and airflow, and direct the hair into place with a Vent Brush.

Finally, depending on the desired finish, take a scoop of your preferred pomade and spread it evenly across the palms of your hands. Gently begin to rake the product through your hair, ensuring you work with the flow created by blow drying. As a finishing touch, use your Rake Comb to perfect the positioning of the hair.