Light Hold

Light Hold Hair Products

For the best light hold hair products for men, check out the range at Uppercut Deluxe. Specifically designed for men who want a casual, relaxed hairstyle without the fuss of traditional styling. Our light hold hair products keep your style locked in while allowing for natural movement throughout the day.

Our light hold men’s hair products include Easy Hold, Foam Tonic, Salt Spray and Styling Powder. Easy to use and apply, our versatile range will work on all hair types with loose or textured styles with a natural, matte finish or healthy shine. Light hold hair products double as a pre-styler for adding volume prior to finishing with a stronger hold styling product.


    Light Hold Products for all Hair Types and Styles

    For quick and easy styling of natural, relaxed hairstyles, Uppercut Deluxe has you covered:
    Easy Hold is a lightweight hair cream for any hair type and length, great for adding texture, volume or light control.
    Foam Tonic adds gentle control and a healthy shine to all hair types. It also enhances curls, tames frizz, and prevents flyaways.
    Salt Spray can be applied to damp hair as a pre-styler before blow-drying or on dry hair for a casual, gritty, textured hold.
    Styling Powder offers a flexible hold; used in small doses it adds a light control to any hair type. Great for fine or thinning hair to give the hair a thicker and fuller appearance.


    Uppercut Deluxe light hold means natural looking, no-fuss hair styles without visible product residue. Our men’s light hold products allows hair to move freely, while holding the shape of your style. Light hold products work well with casual, textured, tousled styles that require lift and definition.

    Uppercut Deluxe has developed light hold hair products for men who like their hair looking natural without heavy product build up. Our products are versatile and easy to use, helping you create loose, relaxed styles that look good all day. For light hold and control, Easy Hold has you covered; for loose, lived in looks give Salt Spray a crack; for texture and a more flexible hold Styling Powder has you covered; for taming a curly mop Foam Tonic is your go to.

    The Uppercut Deluxe range of light hold hair products are for men who want a relaxed, casual style with minimal effort – think loose, textured styles with a natural sheen. They are great for textured throwbacks, brushbacks, messy crops or locking in curls. Alternatively, light hold hair products can be used as a pre-styler to add volume and control before finishing with your go-to styling product.