Best Men’s Products for Long Hair

It’s official, Long Hair has made a come back. While tight fades and crops may not be completely obsolete just yet, men across the world are now embracing longer hair styles.

This shift in trends could be put down to many things, but the most agreeable reason why is the pandemic induced lockdown that saw barbershop doors forced closed. This meant that guys had two choices; pick up the clippers or scissors themselves OR grow the locks out.

Now that the world is returning to a more (somewhat) normal state and barbers have reopened their doors, guys aren’t so quick to revert back to the older bald fade, opting now to rock a longer look.

Lately, we’ve had a lot of enquiries about what product would be best to style longer hair, so we thought we would put pen to paper to offer a little advice.

Our number one tip of course is to consult your barber. Your barber will be offer you the best advice on what product to use and might even offer some tips on how to dial your look in.

The best product for your long hair will come down to your desired look and the amount of hold you need to keep it in place.


If you keep your hair looking natural and only need a little bit of help to keep the fly aways in check, the best option for you is SALT SPRAY.

Salt Spray is a weightless, liquid product that gives light control for a relaxed, textured hold while maintaining a natural finish.

To use Salt Spray in longer hair, apply to lightly damp hair and comb or brush it through, allowing it to dry naturally. Alternatively, you can blow dry your hair into place an add an additional coat of Salt Spray for a slightly more hold.


If your hair needs a little bit more help, but you want to keep it looking natural, look no further than EASY HOLD.

Easy Hold is a lightweight, creamy product that will spread effortlessly through your hair adding a light hold, while maintaining a natural matte finish.

Start by working a small amount of product into dry palms and make sure to spread evenly across both hands. Apply a small amount to the fringe area using fingertips then spread product evenly throughout your hair working from the back of the head to the front.


If you like to keep your longer locks tight and dialed for the day ahead, DELUXE POMADE is the answer.

Deluxe Pomade was originally designed for the staples of the barbershop – side parts, slicks backs and pompadours. However, those in the know love to use it in longer hair.

The trick to using Deluxe Pomade in longer hair is to apply when the hair is damp to ensure the product spreads all the way through the hair.