Featured Style: Messy Pomp

A Pomp is a haircut that utilizes length in the fringe to create volume which is then rolled backward.

The Traditional Pomp is considered a more formal style, it also requires a load of product combined with some significant time in front of the mirror. Understandably so, this may make a pomp a little intimidating.

However, as times change, styles do too. Over the past years, we’ve seen a huge shift to more casual and relaxed takes on classic styles.

Take for example this relaxed approach to a timeless classic, the Messy Pomp by Uppercut Deluxe Ambassador George Coady of Folsom Barber Club. This Messy Pomp has all the classic refined traits of its more traditional counterpart but has been left looking natural and relaxed with the help of a cocktail of Salt Spray and Easy Hold.

Messy Pomp Uppercut Deluxe


If you want to try a Messy Pomp but are unsure where to start, don’t sweat it. Follow these steps and you’ll be a pro at styling in no time.

To make styling easier, you’ll want to wash your hair with Shampoo and Conditioner. Freshly cleaned hair reacts far better to product and will make styling your hair far easier.

Next, towel dry your hair until it is only slightly damp.

Now you are going to ‘Pre Style’ your hair. To do this, take your Salt Spray and give it a quick shake. Next, give your hair a thorough spray of product, ensuring you cover all areas. Using Salt Spray adds volume and texture to the hair, giving your hair the foundation it needs to help the style take shape.

Using a hairdryer on a medium heat, begin to direct your hair backward. Use a Quiff Roller to direct the hair into shape. To achieve some more volume in your pomp, twist your hair through the Quiff Roller, lift to create tension, and hit it with your hairdryer.

Once your hair is dry and the overall shape is formed, take a generous scoop of Easy Hold and spread it thoroughly across your hands.

Next, to spread the product, begin to gently rake your hands through your hair, following the direction you set with the blow dryer.

Take your CT5 Tortoise Shell Comb and gently comb the product through your hair, lifting as you comb to add volume.

Your hair should now be in shape, but take a second to finesse the style by picking at sections, intentionally displacing them to achieve the messy look.

And off you go, a Messy Pomp that lasts.