Styling Midis: The Perfect Travel Companion

There's nothing worse than spending months planning the perfect trip: roping in a group of mates, organizing transport, accommodation, packing; the list goes on... only for it to end in disaster when the one ticket you had to nailing the perfect style (your trusty tin of pomade) is left behind, leaving you high and dry without the good stuff and leaving you looking like a mop in all of your holiday snaps. 

With Uppercut Deluxe Midis your favourite styling products just got more convenient. Perfectly sized for travel at 25-30g or 0.7-0.9Oz per midi you'll breeze through the airport with a Midi in your carry on. Styling Midis are available for the complete Hair Styling Tin range, meaning you can try something new without committing to a full tin or stock up on a familiar favourite that's sized to go with you where no full-size tin may enter.

Deluxe Pomade

Deluxe Pomade Midi

The first hair product in the Uppercut Deluxe range, Deluxe Pomade set the bar for quality and has earned itself a cult following over the years. 

Deluxe Pomade works exceptionally well in a variety of hair lengths and types. Deluxe Pomade works well in thin, thick, curly or straight hair types. It's perfect for controlling unruly or stubborn hair and achieving timeless, classic looks - such as high pompadours, side parts, and slick backs.

Deluxe Pomade is water soluble, so it can be washed out with ease.

Matte Pomade

Matte Pomade Midi

Matte Pomade is an all rounder, formulated to give a medium hold with a natural matte finish.

Matte Pomade performs exceptionally well in a range of hair lengths and types. Designed to create a broad range of styles, both classic and modern, Matte Pomade really packs a punch once applied to your hair giving grip and hold to assist in achieving a great look that lasts. 

Matte Pomade is also water soluble, so it can be washed out with ease. With a smell so good you'll almost want to eat it; this versatile product is a must have in your styling toolkit.


Featherweight Midi

Featherweight gets its name from being a lighter paste, that packs a punch. With low shine and a firm hold, this is one of the most versatile products in the Uppercut Deluxe range. 

This fiber paste was originally designed for the no-nonsense kind of guy who wants a product that can do it all. Featherweight is a light paste that has plenty of tack, which makes it perfect for creating volume and lift in styles that need a boost. Topped off with low shine, Featherweight is perfect for creating textured, pieced-out styles.


Clay Midi

Uppercut Deluxe Clay is a strong hold product with a natural finish that is easily reworked throughout the day and just as importantly, washed out at the end.

Clay will tame hair short or long, adding texture and control to a diverse range of styles. 

Clay grips and shapes hair effortlessly and has the strength to defy natural hair movement to control even the toughest and most stubborn hair.

With low shine, Clay produces a matte finish, leaving the hair looking natural.

Easy Hold

Easy Hold Midi

Uppercut Deluxe Easy Hold has been specially formulated to give light hold and a natural, matte finish.

The go-to solution for fuss free styling. Suitable for any hair type or length, the creamy base glides into the hair and sets into a natural weightless style, without effort.

Specially designed to give texture, volume and light control with a soft finish and no visible sign of product.

Monster Hold

Monster Hold Midi

Uppercut Deluxe Monster Hold is a traditional wax-based pomade, that remains workable throughout the day.

This is an extra powerful, sweat resistant wax that was created for traditional or bolder hair styles that require a little extra hold. Monster Hold adds hold without weight, making it perfect to control your style all day long. 

Being wax based, Monster Hold won't set, making it perfect for anyone that likes to restyle their look throughout the day. This also means it won't wash out with water or sweat. We recommend using the Uppercut Deluxe Detox & Degrease Shampoo followed up with Uppercut Deluxe Strength & Restore Conditioner to completely remove Monster Hold from your hair.