Freshwater's Finest

Freshwater is one of Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Duke Kahanamoku held his first Australian surf demonstration at Freshwater Beach, so the locals like to claim that Freshwater is home to Australian Surfing. It's because of this historic event and the even bigger claim that you could say that surfing runs through the local’s veins. There is a fair bit of truth about that; one visit to Freshwater and you’ll see that the beach is what really brings the community together.

Uppercut Deluxe Ambassador, Pat Capocci, is one talented dude. You probably know him best for his music or maybe his surfing. A few moons ago Pat was a sign writer, but Pat decided to put down his paintbrush and pick up a set of scissors. Barbering came pretty natural to Pat and after paying his dues, he opened up his own shop – Flying Tiger Barbershop.

Flying Tiger Barbershop has all the characteristics of a classic barbershop; sharp cuts, good tunes and most importantly top-notch service. Taking all of this into consideration, it’s no real surprise to us that the Tiger has become a community hub for Freshwater’s finest.

What was a surprise to us was that Pat was such a handy photographer. Between touring the world playing music, cutting in his shop and surfing daily, we just didn’t think he’d have the time to hone in any other skills. We’ve since learnt not to doubt Pat.

Check out some of Pat’s latest work below.