Featured Style: Faded Textured Throwback

A Faded Textured Throwback is an effortlessly cool style that is becoming ever popular. This style is a great option for anyone looking for an easy to wear style, no matter the occasion.

A Throwback is a modern take on the Classic Slick back. The general premise of this style remains the same as the slickback, however the Throwback makes use of volume and texture to create a more casual look.

Throwbacks can be worn longer on the sides, or as in this example, can be paired with a tight skin fade.

Todd Page, of Seven&One studio, expertly crafted this cut, opting to finish it with a gentle coat of Salt Spray and locked into place with Uppercut Deluxe Clay.

Faded and Textured Throwback haircut styled with Uppercut Deluxe Clay

Uppercut Deluxe Clay is a revolutionary new men’s sculpting clay designed to add strong hold while maintaining a low shine. This men’s hair product can be used in short, medium and even long hair.

After over a year in R&D, countless rounds of sampling and rigorous testing in the barbershop, the Clay formula was perfected.

The result is a dense product that offers strong, yet workable hold, paired with a natural, matte finish. Clay combines traditional wax and modern water-based ingredients into a formula that scoops, spreads and best of all, washes out easily.

Uppercut Deluxe Clay is already making waves in the Barbering industry with a flood of positive feedback coming from all of those that have tried it.

“This product is going to change the way that Barbers and guys style their hair. For a product that has such strong hold, it is incredibly easy to use and creates the perfect result every single time” – Chris Brownless, Owner of North West Barber Co (Clitheroe, UK)

“Traditional Clay’s tend to be a little greasy or can look oily due to the wax ingredients in them. There's only a few products that I can say remain completely natural and dry looking, and this Uppercut Clay is one of them.” – Todd Page, Owner of Seven&One Studio (Mermaid Beach, Australia)

“A lot of my client base is Latino – and the hair type is a bit hard to manage sometimes. Normally I stick to Pomades so I can get the most control, but I’m so excited to get Clay into the hands of my customers. It’s going to completely change their styling and give them an option for a no shine product, without sacrificing hold.” – Ron Talley, Owner of Electric Barbershop (Riverside, United States)

“Lately I’ve been getting a lot of longer styles coming through the shop. I’ve been cocktailing Salt Spray and Clay to create styles that look and feel natural but will sit in place all day long. The results are unreal!” – Luke Dolan, Owner of Luke’s Barbershop (Ruislip, United Kingdom)

“As we get into our Summer guys tend to start wanting more natural looking styles, but since it gets so hot and windy, light hold water-based products don’t always stack up. Clay is going to change the game when it comes to taming natural styles.” Tommy J, Owner of Hair by Tommy J (Sydney, Australia)