Barbers of the Month: Greasy Hands Barbershop

Uppercut Deluxe Barbers of the Month - Greasy Hands Barbershop

Locations:  Florence Huntsville & Tuscaloosa Alabama


Instagram: @greasyhands

How would you describe the vibe in your shop?

A shop for the everyman. Families kids college students businessman and older gentleman. Good tunes old motorcycles and a comfortable place to sit. We give you a "how's it going buddy?" and get right to work.

What's the most popular cut in your shop at the moment?

#2 on the sides finger length on top natural taper in the back. That's our bread & butter. Easy to style looks good on everyone.

What's something we don't know about Uppercut Deluxe products?

As specialized as each product is a skilled barber should be able to use ANY of the pomades in ANY type of hair. With the right tools based on the look you want to achieve any of the pomades will work. That's what makes them great they don't lock you into a specific look.

Favourite artist to spin in the shop?

Tame Impala

What's the best tip for someone visiting the area?

Attend an Alabama Crimson Tide football game. Your life will be changed forever.


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