Barbers of the month: Belarmino Barbearia Clássica

Barbers of the Month Belarmino Barbearia Clássica


Barbershop: Belarmino Barbearia Clássica

Location: Tv. do Fala-Só Nr 15-E, 1250-109 Lisboa, Portugal

Handle: @belarmino_barbearia


Located in the coastal town of Lisbon, Portugal, lies Belarmino Barbearia Clássica which roughly translates to Belarmino Classic Barbershop.

Belarmino is truly that – a classic barbershop. Trinkets, collectables photos and more fill the walls from floor to ceiling of the barbershop making it a one-of-a-kind shop that you could truly spend days on end.

Uppercut Deluxe has been stocked in Belarmino for years, but it wasn’t until recently that a few of our team were able to get to Lisbon to pay a visit. They quickly reported back to Uppercut HQ telling stories of Belarmino; how cool the shop was, how tight the haircuts were but most importantly how welcoming the staff were.

The guys at Belarmino know how to treat a customer, giving them everything you need “Whether you need a neat haircut, a fresh trim or a hot towel shave, there’s always fresh beer, good music, friendly atmosphere, and good conversation!”

We’re stoked to be stocked on the shelves of Belarmino, one of the truly great barbershops that you can fin Portugal. Check them out!


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