Time Well Spent: Steve Sherman

Widely renowned as one of the best Surf photographers in the world, Steve ‘Sherm’ Sherman is a photojournalist hailing from Cardiff, California. Funnily enough, Sherm doesn’t really shoot ‘surf’, but prefers to focus on the things no one else is looking at.

Relying on intuition more than anything else, Sherm takes a relatively relaxed approach to his photography. He puts himself in situations no other photographers would dare to even think about to capture the moments that would usually go unnoticed. The result is raw, gritty but above all else, honest.

Don’t get us wrong, Sherm is a workhorse. Attend any WSL event and you’ll be able to pick Sherm out from a mile away in his signature hat, making his way through the hungry pack to find his spot. After following the tour for since 1995, he’s picked up a few tricks along the way and won himself countless covers as a result.

 What really separates Sherm from the rest is his ability to create relationships that help him get beyond the guarded veil, to capture the truly intimate moments as they happen.

Take a look for yourself and check out Sherm’s Instagram here 

Uppercut Deluxe Presents Time Well Spent: Steve 'Sherm' Sherman from Uppercut Deluxe on Vimeo.