Slack Tide at T. Bexon Gallery

T. Bexon Gallery, located at the Thomas Surf factory in Noosa Australia is hosting an exhibition, Slack Tide, by Jack MacRae.

Jack MacRae is a young emerging Queensland artist who began his artistic career as a building designer and graduate of Architecture. Whilst the art of planning, designing and constructing buildings was a creative challenge Jack enjoyed, he found painting to be a more satisfying expression of his imagination.

His focus is on landscape carefully reduced to an almost abstract minimalism. Perhaps influenced by his architectural training and experience Jack’s compositions exhibit a concentration on shape, volume and space. These geometric qualities are emphasized by Jack’s adoption of intense, vibrant, even unnatural colours in his work. Landscapes are broken down visually and re-assembled by Jack, creating a two-dimensional, almost printlike quality to his unique work on paper and canvas.

Jack says, “Creating something physical has always been an important part of my work. It is the physicality of the creative process that satiates me, almost as much as the mental stimulation.”

Jack MacRae’s upcoming exhibition, Slack Tide, opens at Thomas Gallery, Noosa on Saturday 8 May, 2021 and runs until Saturday 12 June.

Jack MacRae - Slacktide