Shaved In Side Part With A Skin Fade - How To Cut

In this How to Cut & Style, Uppercut Deluxe Barber Ambassador Ron Talley, takes us through a Shaved in Side Part with Skin Fade.

If you’ve seen Ron’s Military Flat Top, you’ll know he is a perfectionist with an extreme attention to detail. This modern take on a traditional classic is one of Ron’s specialities and a favourite to cut.

How to Cut & Style: Shaved in Side Part with Skin Fade


The Side Part is the ultimate timeless style. It’s versatile enough that caters to formal dress codes of work, while remaining just as at home with friends at the bar. Ron modernises this cut with a shaved in side part and tight skin fade. The additional features add a new flavour to what is a more traditional cut.

Like all cuts that feature a side part, this one is all about technique. Get the weight line too high and the finish looks unbalanced. Take too much from the top and the side part won’t sit right. Leave too much in the fringe and the style won’t last.

Ron is a master of tight fades and takes us through a step by step breakdown of how to nail this cut.




Ron slicks this cut with Uppercut Deluxe Monster Hold for ultimate long-lasting control.

Monster Hold is a Petroleum based wax that boasts brutal staying power. Created especially for challenging styles where a little extra hold and grip is required, this product is a favourite amongst barbers.