Messy Quiff - How To Cut

The Uppercut Deluxe team takes you through how to cut a Messy Quiff using Uppercut Deluxe Matte Clay. This how-to video will teach you the tricks of the trade so that you can get the style your client wants.

How to Cut a Messy Quiff by Uppercut Deluxe

Watch Uppercut Deluxe Global Barber Ambassador Tommy J cut and style a Messy Quiff using scissor and clipper techniques as well as Uppercut Deluxe Matte Clay.

How to: Cut & Style- Messy Quiff X Uppercut Deluxe from Uppercut Deluxe on Vimeo.

A great Messy Quiff depends on a clever cut at the barbershop. Your clients are all looking for a great cut, and a fantastic experience at the same time. Paying attention to your client’s needs ensures that they get the cut they really want.

The techniques in this video may take some time to master, but will just take a little bit of practice. Go slowly at first, and ensure that you listen to your client’s requests.

Uppercut Deluxe products were designed for barbers, by barbers. Our Matte Clay makes it easy to create and shape a Messy Quiff – it grips and slicks short or long hair and effortlessly shapes your style. That means no fuss styling after a great haircut. You can also use it to teach your client how to recreate the look at home.