How to Style: Classic Pomp

Without doubt the signature look of the 1950’s, the Pomp is an iconic style that tells a story about an entire generation. The Pomp dates back to when hair styling first became the norm for guys to show off and court young lasses – during the post war 1940’s era, where pop culture started to make an impression. The Pomp is a timeless style that will never go out of fashion.


In this How To we pair the Classic Pomp with Monster Hold. Inspired by the Pomades of yesteryear, Monster Hold is our take on an old-school wax-based pomade. It’s extra powerful and water resistant making it perfect for traditional or bolder styles that require a little extra hold, and the best bit, it doesn’t ‘set’ – perfect for the guy who likes to restyle throughout the day.

Being wax based, Monster Hold can be a little tricky to remove from your hair – however one wash with Uppercut Deluxe Degreaser will remove any build up straight out.


Check out this step-by-step guide to nail a Classic Pomp