Hippie Killer Transformation with Tim Hutton

In our latest How To, Tim ‘Hutto’ Hutton gives our mate Jake the ultimate transformation. Jake hadn’t had a haircut in 3 years and his hair was in a bit of a state when he got in the chair, bleached, unwashed and with a tonne of dead ends. As you’ll see Hutto gives Jake the full treatment, killing the hippy  with a flowy Throwback and a tight taper to finish it off.

If you’re ever thinking of cutting long hair and going back to a shorter style, we’d always encourage you to play around with the length before cutting it all back. It’s not often that a barber has a fully blank canvas with all the hair they could dream of in front of them – this is a great time to let your barber get creative and give you the transformation of a lifetime.

With the extra bit of length, styling can take a little longer and need a little more attention. But don’t worry, with the right tools it will be a breeze!

To prestyle, especially if your hair needs a bit of TLC, we recommend using a primer like Foam Tonic. This product will not only keep your hair conditioned and well nourished but will also protect and prepare it for styling.

Next, take a Vent Brush and a hairdryer with medium heat and airflow, direct the hair into place. When the hair is dry and your happy with how it is sitting, it’s time to style. In this video, Hutto makes the most of the natural flow of Jake’s hair but adds a generous touch of Styling Powder to add control and emphasize the texture.

For more, check the video our here.