Featured Style: Skin Fade Slick Back

When executed well, there is no cut as crisp as a tight Skin Fade Slick Back.

Worn by men throughout the ages, a Slick Back is and always will be a favourite at Uppercut Deluxe. Clean and tidy, a slick back is the epitome of cool.

Check out this example cut by Jimmy from Tune-Up Barbershop.

Uppercut Deluxe Skin Fade Slick Back

When you walk into your barber and ask for this cut, the first thing they are going to do is smile – this is a damn fun style to cut. If he doesn’t, maybe it’s time to find a new barber... In all seriousness though, show your barber a photo of the look you are after, it will make the process a million times easier. 

In getting a Slick Back, the main differentials to the cut are the length on top and the sides. To get this particular look, ask for a mid-to-high skin fade, keeping it tight on top with no overhang.

Recreating a Slicked Back look at home is easy, just follow this tutorial! The most important decision is product choice – did you want something with no shine (like in the example) or high shine? For a low shine finish, the best product for your Slick Back is Matte Pomade, however, if you want that more classic look, use Deluxe Pomade.

Before you style, jump in the shower and wash your hair using Shampoo followed with Conditioner. This will make your hair far easier to style.

Give your hair a thorough towel dry. The drier your hair is, the more hold you will get from the product and the more matte the finish will be!

Once your hair is dry, give your hair a quick brush backwards using a CT5 Tortoise Shell Comb. Don’t worry if it falls out of shape, we’re gonna look after that in the next step.

Next, take a generous scoop of Matte Pomade and spread it across your hands. Begin to gently rake your hands through your hair Be careful to only work your hair backwards.

Take your CT5 Tortoise Shell Comb and begin to run it through your hair using the wider teeth. Use your spare hand to catch any flyaways as your work.

If you need a little extra hold, take another small scoop of Matte Pomade, spread it across your hands and gently run your hands over your Slick Back and comb as required.

And there you have it, a nice tight Slicked Back look.


The beauty of a Slick Back is that you will be able to dress it up as needed. Swapping out your Matte Pomade for Deluxe Pomade will add a nice shine to your hair.