Featured Style: Natural Crop

Over the past 2 years, the Crop has become hugely popular hairstyle for men across Europe and in the UK. Also known as a Caesar Cut or a French Crop, is a short style where the fringe is cut horizontally and worn with the hair pushed forward.

There is a tonne of different variations to crops, but this example is one it’s simplest forms with no fancy adulterations. Check it out below.

Uppercut Deluxe Natural Crop

This Natural Crop was cut by Chris Brownless, Uppercut Deluxe Ambassador and owner of North West Barber Co. Chris has left this crop looking natural, styling with a dab of Easy Hold.

Easy Hold is a lightweight styling specifically designed to add light hold with a natural matte finish. Easy Hold will accentuate the natural movement of the hair while adding in creating texture without a heavy feeling.

Depending on your hair type, styling a Natural Crop can be as easy as spreading the product through your hair and working into position. However, if you aren’t so lucky, check out these tips! 


This How To Style is full of tips for styling a Natural Crop if you have difficult or unruly hair. If your hair complies, you can skip right to step 4.

  1. After washing your hair with Shampoo and Conditioner, start by giving your hair a thorough towel dry.
  2. Next, we are going to ‘Pre Style’ the hair. To do this, take a generous scoop of Easy Hold, spread it across your hands and begin to rub your hands through your hair.
  3. Then take your hair dryer using a medium-low heat and start directing your hair forwards. This will give your hair the overall shape of your hair and add a little bit of hold.
  4. Take another scoop of Easy Hold and spread it across your hands. This time, gently apply the product to your hair by lightly raking from the crown to the fringe. Once the majority is dispersed, use your palms and fingers to flatten the hair around the sides and back of your head.
  5. Next, take your CB11 Rake Comb and comb your hair forwards, working from your crown to your fringe.
  6. Using your fingers tips, lightly ruffle sections of hair. Pinch and lift sections to create texture.
  7. Finally, pinch at sections on your fringe to perfect your look.

Lovingly described as Matte Pomade’s little brother, Easy Hold contains a similar ingredient composition with a tweaked ratio to create a lighter hold.

Easy Hold’s distinguishing feature its lightweight consistency. To achieve the mousse-like texture, the product is aerated and triple whipped, resulting in a product that can be effortlessly applied.

The purpose of this is to ensure each individual hair is completely covered. Easy Hold contains abrasive compounds that gently disrupt the cuticle layer of the hair to diffuse light as it hits the hair. The result is a mattifying effect leaving hair looking completely dry and natural.

The hydrating complex draws moisture into the cuticle layer of the hair to soften and condition, ensuring it isn’t damaged or dried out in the styling process. These conditioning elements along with a lightweight hold complex allows for light control with flexible movement of the hair throughout the day.

Easy Hold can be used in all hair types and lengths but excels in finer or curly hair. Use Easy Hold liberally to create a relaxed modern style, with no sign of product.