Feathered Mullet - How to Cut

There's alot to be said for Mullets. Good or bad, there's no denying that the old Kentucky waterfall is a popular cut at the moment.

Despite what the backyard barbers may think, Mullets are quite a tough cut to execute well. A lot of factors come into play when cutting a mullet to ensure that the client doesn't walk out of the shop looking worse than what they did then when they walked in.

Todd Page, of Seven&One Studio, is a master of mullets and living on the Gold Coast, has cut more than his fair share.

Watch this Mullet Haircut Tutorial to see how Todd manages to cut a mullet so steezy, that even the old greaser might be tempted to the dark side.

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How to Cut and Style: Feathered Mullet from Uppercut Deluxe on Vimeo.


Todd has styled this Feathered Mullet with Uppercut Deluxe's new Clay. Clay is the perfect product pairing for the mullet as it adds texture, control and all with a no shine finish.

Importantly for this style, Uppercut Deluxe Clay remains reworkable once applied, meaning the user can freshen up their style throughout the day.

This product grips and shapes hair effortlessly; it has the strength to defy natural hair movement to control even the toughest and most stubborn hair. This is an important element for the product for anyone styling a mullet. The product allows the user complete control, without having to sacrifice the natural look.