Consumer Safety Message: Counterfeit Products

Consumer Safety Message, shop with caution:

We’ve been made aware of counterfeit products being sold across various global web platforms and even more alarming in some barbershops in Australia. 

While imitation is said to be the greatest form of flattery, we are taking this counterfeit issue very seriously, and consumer safety is our priority. 

The team at Uppercut Deluxe pride themselves in producing quality products and are taking swift and direct action to ensure that no Uppercut Deluxe consumers fall victim to the counterfeit scheme.

Some fakes are easy to spot, others are professional copy cats.  To be sure you are buying a legitimate product, it is best to purchase from an Authorised Dealer (Check out the Store Locator Here) or directly through our website.


If you are unsure if your product is counterfeit, please get in touch with