Charlie Venn Textured Crop and Beard Trim Demo

In this How to Cut and Style, Uppercut Deluxe Collective Member, Owner of Lucky Seven’s Barbershop and all-round legend Charlie Venn takes us through a Textured Crop and a Beard Trim.

Charlie has been putting in work over the past few years and has recently had a huge increase in popularity within the barbering world. With sharpened skills and a shop of his own, there’s not many things slowing him down.

This Textured Crop really showcases Charlie’s skill set. If you’re wanting to brush up on modern looks, this video is worth a watch!

Textured Crops have been a hugely popular look over the past few years, largely thanks to Tommy Shelby and the rest of the Peaky Blinders. They are a great option for someone forward thinking, wanting something casual and easy to style.

Charlie pairs the Textured Crop with a tidy Beard Trim to really give the look an additional edge. For anyone growing a beard, it is really important to get a regular shape up from a barber to keep the beard nice and tidy! Trust us, there’s not much worse than an unruly beard!

To style this Textured Charlie uses a combination of Easy Hold and Styling Powder. He uses Easy Hold in damp hair prior to blow-drying to add some additional hold and control (you could also use Salt Spray to achieve a similar result). To finish, Charlie adds a light dusting of Styling Powder to really emphasis the texture.

To look after the beard, Charlie recommends the client to use a few drops of Beard Oil every second day for conditioning, and to use Beard Balm every day to style.