Barbers of the Month: Teddy Edwards Cutting Rooms

Location: Seven Dials, Brighton & Hove Station


Instagram: @teddyedwardsbarbers

How would you describe your shop’s vibe?
An open and inviting atmosphere where everyone is welcome. We deliver a professional service in a relaxed manner, while ensuring our customers all receive the same quality of attention every time. Oh, and loud music!

What’s your most popular cut at the moment?
We get a massive cross section of people, so hard to say exactly. A big recurring theme though, is strong, slick, structured styles depending on direction.

Tell us something we don’t know about Uppercut Deluxe products?
We use the monster hold to treat our heavy wooden counter-tops! Really brings the grain out and makes the shop smell great! The Deluxe Pomade make a great base to dry in for Flat tops too.

What’s your favourite style to cut?
Flat tops and Pomps. So classically simple, yet so satisfying and the customers pick up on how much pride is taken in it for them.

What’s the best tip for someone visiting your area?
Visit us and we'll give you a full lowdown on the whole city! Brighton has one of the best scenes in the country for Music, Food, and counter-culture.

What the best advice for your client before walking in?
Freshly washed hair is a real bonus for a next level style. An accurate cut is helped along so much more if it's not clogged up with grime and grease. However, years in the trade means there's always a way around things.....

Who is your biggest barbering influence?
Teddy's draws a lot of influence from music and counter culture. The ethoses of individuality, creativity, and integrity, are what we identify with and drive us forward in this amazing industry.