Barbers of the Month: SoulCuts

Barbershop: SoulCuts

Location: Odessa, Ukraine

Instagram Handle: @_soulcuts_

How would you describe the vibe of your shop?

Soulful atmosphere! We took the word “Soul” as a basis for a reason! I really like it when there is a live conversation in the hairdresser's not only the barber and his client, but when everyone present actively takes part in the conversation! It's very cool when clients can share their experiences and joys with us! In our relationship with a client, the main thing is mutual respect!

What's your most popular haircut right now?

Basically, these are classic haircuts with a modern twist. We pass creative haircuts through the prism of our perception and make them more restrained and simple in styling

Tell us anything we don't know about Uppercut Deluxe products?

It's a difficult question! So you are the founders of this product!) But! I love to apply the Uppercut deluxe pomade on wet hair, and when I blow dry it, the effect remains unchanged, but the shine disappears. In our country, few people like shiny hair.

What's your favorite Uppercut Deluxe product?

New Clay, Matte Pomade and Deluxe Pomade

What's your favorite style to cut?

I have a lot of respect for the old school, but try to adapt the classic haircut. Therefore, I will adapt the haircut personally. I try to maintain a balance of form and purity of transitions.

What’s the best tip for someone visiting the area?

Be real!

Who is the shop’s biggest barbering influence?

In Ukraine, these are: KCB @staykcb, TAB @ t.a.b.kyiv. If not in Ukraine, these are @syndicatebarbershop, @shanesbarbrrshop, @crownestbarber, @huttosbarbershop, @luckysevensbarbershop, @blklamourbarbers and others. There are a lot of barbershops that inspire in their own way!

How did you get into Barbering?

It's a funny story! I worked as a high school physical education teacher! And he began to get involved in tattooing. I drew and did for people, I really liked this craft and culture, but I didn’t do them so well!) At one point I realized that I don’t want to work as a teacher, I want to work with my hands! My friends showed me a video about American barbershops and caught fire! I drew a parallel between the barber and tattoo cultures. I went to our first barbershop in the city (in our country, it was barbershops that appeared recently, mostly beauty salons) and realized that I wanted to learn how to cut and plunge into this culture.