Barbers of the Month: Luckys Barbershop

BOTM - Luckys Barbershop

Barbershop: Lucky’s Barbershop

Location: 114 High Street Woodend, 3442, AU

Handle: @luckys.barbershop13

Neatly nestled in on the High Street of Woodend, Victoria, stands Lucky’s Barbershop.

Woodend is a quaint little town in regional Victoria where nothing much out of the ordinary  happens, which is just how the locals like Ben and Mia of Lucky’s barbershop like it.

Lucky’s is the small-town country barbershop, it services the entire community. Often the guys at Lucky’s will have the whole family in for haircuts all at once, which means there is never a dull moment in the shop.

Lucky’s really has that ‘family’ vibe, with a fireplace and some nice whiskeys on offer, it’s a great place to visit to sharpen up while you warm up especially during the cooler months.

The shop is owned by power couple Ben and Mia, but everyone knows that the real boss is the shop dog Woody. Ben and Mia have been barbering for a combined 14 years and the passion for the industry has never waned.

“Watching the industry grow with the new generations coming through and bringing new styles and skills. How good is the revival of the barbershop!” says Ben

We couldn’t agree more!!