Barbers of the Month: Iron and Tread Barbershop

Address: 275 Railroad Ave, Sayville, NY 11782, USA


Instagram: @ironandtreadbarbershop

How would you describe your shop’s vibe? 

Traditional American barber shop that caters to the working class.

What’s your most popular cut at the moment? 

I think everyone's most popular haircut is definitely the traditional side part in every Barbershop across the country.

Who is your favourite artist to spin in the shop?

We have 10 guys in here and the music is always changing. I can sit all day and listen to some old Sam Cooke records or some old regge sets the mood in here nicely

What’s the best tip for someone visiting your area?   

Good luck.. haha. Long Island is a beautiful place if you take it in otherwise its it's the worst place in the world, but if you're coming here to visit at least you can get a good haircut at Iron and Tread .  

What the best advice for your client before walking in?

Call ahead and make an appointment 

Who is your biggest barbering influence?

Ron Talley and Eli the Barber were the first 2 guys who I wanted to cut like. Just perfectly traditional and humble. That's the only way to be something in this industry  

What is your favourite shop?

We love the vibe of Ron Talley’s spot and our homies from Scotland, Badlands Barber Shop