Barbers of the Month: House of Handsome Norwich

House of Handsome Norwich

Barbershop: House of Handsome Norwich

Location: Norwich, Norfolk


Instagram handle: @houseofhandsomenorwich 

How would you describe your shop’s vibe?

A place where anyone can come, not just for a cut, but for a chat and a drink. I opened the shop wanting it to have a social atmosphere and from our client's feedback and reviews, I’ve achieved this.

What’s your most popular cut at the moment?

Short, tight fades. These have always been popular and never seem to go out of trend.

Tell us something we don’t know about Uppercut Deluxe products?

My wife swears by the Uppercut Styling Powder as a replacement for dry shampoo!

What’s your favourite style to cut?  

Anything with a fade, be it taper, full fade and loose, then messy and textured on top. 

What the best advice for your client before walking in? 

If they’re thinking of changing their style, send a photo before the appointment. If I don’t think it’ll work, I can let them know and their appointment time isn’t wasted.   

What is your favourite shop (other than your own)? 

Courage Noble. I would personally say they’re the best in Norwich and have a great barbering ethic. 

Why did you get into Barbering? 

Barbering wasn’t a popular career choice when I left school and I got into the industry by sheer luck. I got my hair cut for the first time at a barber and was offered an apprenticeship there and then. I took a break after 20 years and came back into the industry when I was offered a great opportunity. The rest is history!