Barbers of the Month: Headcase Barbers

Alton, Camberley, Congelton, Farnham, Fleet, Godalming, Grenwich Creekside, Guildford, Haslemere, Leeds City, Paddington, Petersfield, Richmond, St Albans, Twickenham, Winchester, Windsor, Woking, Wokingham



How would you describe the vibe of your shops?
We really aim to make the barbers enjoy their time with us and feel that the enjoyment translates through their work. Our barbers take their time with the cuts to get them right, each cut is customised for the client. Clients keep coming back to Headcase shops because of the environment and experience our shops provide. Our shops are relaxed and people feel comfortable in them.

What is your favourite thing about the barbering industry?
The best thing about the Industry today is the diversity of work and culture that surrounds barbering. Headcase opened 18 years ago when the barbering industry was completely different. Barbershops were generally poor quality in terms of work and appearance and people didn’t generally choose to become barbers. These days, there’s good training facilities and apprenticeships that make it easier than ever for people who want to be barbers, be great barbers.

How can a barber get involved with Headcase?
 We have a lot of opportunities within Headcase, from working in one of the shops to opening a new one. A barber can get involved by getting in touch with us via our social media platforms, email, or our website. We then give the barber a call, and go from there. Find out more about Headcase Barbers here