Barbers of the Month: Boy Barbershop

Boy Barbershop | Barbers of the Month

Location: Mermaid Beach, Australia


Instagram handle: @boybarbershopau

How would you describe your shops vibe?

The shops design and general feel is driven by a few factors. The first is the vast amount of natural light we already had available due to two large aluminium bi-fold windows that flank the eastern side of the shop adjacent the car park and another facing north which is the shops main entrance. They are often open and create a light airy atmosphere while we work.
The second is we wanted it to feel simple, striped back and decluttered.
This gave us an aesthetic that separated us from the classic “old world” barbershop that are traditionally “dark and busy”.
The third is a playlists that embraces most genres, decades and a varying degree of tempos. These three aspects pretty much encompass the vibe of the shop; light, simple and accepting.
What’s the most popular cut at the moment?
In recent times we have seen a transition from slick uniform styles to soft, textured messy looks. Anything from textured crops to longer tapered mullets is the trend right now.



Who is your favourite artist to spin in the shop?
Bristol punk band “IDLES” would be a shop favourite. Their combination of hard hitting sound and socially important lyrics perfectly fits the spirit of the shop.
What’s your favourite style to cut?
Anything that challenges us, hasn’t been overdone or done at all.
What’s your best tip for someone visiting the area?
If your lucky enough to find yourself in the idyllic neighbourhood of Mermaid Beach, make sure you come in to BOY Barbershop for a cut and see what it’s all about. Our neighbours “I LIKE RAMEN” make an excellent coffee in the morning and equally excellent food and drinks in the afternoon. Start with Panko mushrooms, followed with a Tonkotsu ramen and pair it with one of their great cocktails or beers on tap.
What’s the best advice for clients before walking in?
The chances for a successful re-style go up dramatically when you have some sort of reference or some basic idea of shape and length. Photos go along way or a celebrity reference is a good start. So come prepared if your wanting a major change.
Also if you haven’t washed your hair in couple of months and it’s matted on the edge of dreading, bust out the comb and conditioner pre-cut.
Why did you get into barbering?
We both come from hairdressing backgrounds. By the time barbering started to become a thing again we were both over the staleness of the salon industry. In a over saturated market with men flicking their hair in front their eyes and over-complicated styling routines it was a breath of fresh air to have solid direction for men’s hair.
Barbering was something we both wanted to be a part of, so we swapped our colour aprons for razors.
What is your favourite barber shop?
Paragon studio, Area studio and local Shop Seven&One studio all hold a place.