George Coady

George Coady is a super-talented and relatively new face in Barbering.  

A permanent fixture at Folsom Barber Club in Birmingham, George’s reputation precedes him. A daring and innovative barber, George’s impressive lookbook points as much towards the traditional styles of yesteryear as it does his own unique modern brand of haircuts.

The secret to quick success? “Never stop learning, never stop evolving.” Born and raised in Warwickshire, a neighbouring suburb of the greater Birmingham area, George finished his schooling years, with no clear idea on what he wanted to do in life. Always one with a creative eye and an interest in art, style and fashion, George toyed with the idea of barbering straight out of school, but at the time could only find college courses that specific to hairdressing.

After a few years of unfulfilling work on the retail floor, George noticed a growth in the UK barbering scene, which he followed with a keen eye.

It wasn't long before a number of UK colleges tailored a course specific to the trade of Barbering. Coady was quick to enrol, and there began his career. Given that the Barber courses were still in their infancy many of the techniques taught in the curriculum were taken directly from hairdressing course. Point cutting, texturing and working with longer hair types.

Just 2 years into his career, George grabbed the attention of Matt Toller, owner of Folsom Barber Club in Solihull. It was here that George really found his groove. Surrounded by talented barbers in an environment that suited his personality and lifestyle, George’s skill as a barber soon went from good to great. A highly technical barber with a talent beyond his years. Cultivated through hard work, and hunger to learn and a keen eye for detail and creativity.

Signature Style:

If he had to choose just one style, George thinks the Slick Back might take the cake.  It’s still one of his favourite styles to cut. But what he is known for is the masterful use of modern techniques to compliment classic styles. Tapering, texturing and putting unique twists on the finishes of the traditional styles are what define George’s styles. “Traditional cuts are great, they stand the test of time and will suit almost any occasion. I’m also a fan of the contemporary style of crops, they have a real strong look.”

Time with Uppercut Deluxe:

Officially George has been an Ambassador since the start of 2017.  But his time as an undercover advocate dates back to the start of his training. As a young apprentice he would sneak Uppercut Deluxe tins into the barber shops he worked for (which carried other brands exclusively) and style his clients with the best on the sly.

Why Uppercut Deluxe?

George’s relationship with Uppercut Deluxe dates back to a time before he was a Barber. In his high school years a slicked back George Coady received a tin of Deluxe Pomade from his Dad for Christmas (clearly a man of taste.) He used the product, loved it and hasn’t stopped using it since.

Over and above the product performance George (who is pretty handy with a pencil and paint brush) identified with the branding, lifestyle and art that Uppercut Deluxe was born from.

Asked about his favourite Uppercut Deluxe product George reaches quickly for a tin of Easy Hold. “I find it so versatile, I can blow dry it into wet hair and use it on dry hair to add texture without shine. A lot of dry styles are popular at the moment, people are looking for looser cuts and Easy Hold is perfect for that.”