Eric Dressen

A truly nice guy, and incredible skateboarder, Eric Dressen is an admiration to the Uppercut Deluxe team. His smooth skating style and timeless influence on the industry are simply awesome.

Find him:
Shredding it up in California, or touring the globe for skating and tattooing.

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About Eric:
Eric was just eight years old when he started testing skateboards for his Dad and ten when he was first sponsored. He pioneered a distinctly smooth skating style and headed the development of bowl-riding in California. Skating for the last thirty years, Eric knows a thing or two about the industry. Given his legendary status, Eric's skateboarding career has been his primary focus, but he is also a professional tattoo artist and now tattoos almost every day. It's not often that you meet someone you truly admire and they end up being a really nice guy.

Signature style:
Eric sports a textured side-part with a skin fade on the back and sides. Or a hat, but the stylish do is always underneath.

Why Uppercut Deluxe?
A skate and tattoo icon worldwide, Eric is one of the most stylish and innovative skaters to ever hit the streets. In the last few years, Eric has become well known in the tattoo industry for his original, skate-inspired aesthetic, and he now travels the world showcasing his unique style and mad skills.