Big Scott Stopnik

One suave guy, Big Scott Stopnik is also a passionate motorcycle builder and proud family man.His custom bike builds have seen him recognised across the globe, and he's credited with teaching sons Scotty and Turk everything they know as well as passing on his love of two wheeled machines.

Find him:
Working in the Cycle Zombies garage with his sons, Scotty, Turk and Taylor, and nephew, Chase.

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About Big Scott:
Big Scott is one talented guy, particularly when it comes to resurrecting old motorbikes. He takes no greater pleasure than that found in finding an old, busted bike and breathing new life to it. Big Scott has been recognised the world over for his talents with a wrench and spanner, creating some of the most iconic restorations ever seen in the motorcycle community. Big Scott is also one very proud family man. He's father to Scotty, Turk and Chase, while being Uncle to Chase. Awesome and unbelievably talented family.

Signature style:
Big Scott rocks a high & tight slick back, held in place by Uppercut Deluxe Featherweight.

Why Uppercut Deluxe:
Uppercut Deluxe and Big Scott go together like P, B & J. Scott represents everything that Uppercut Deluxe is all about, while Uppercut Deluxe fits in with Scott's lifestyle and routine perfectly.