Matt Chojnacki

Professional surfer Matt Chojnacki, aka the Wax Head is a genuine surfing enthusiast, and long time friend of Uppercut Deluxe. Taking inspiration from his hot rods, custom cars and surf nostalgia, Matt enjoys laidback days surfing and doing up his cars, and with a nickname like the Wax Head, it's only fitting that he's all about slick hair.

Find him:
At home on Sydney's Northern Beaches, where he constantly appreciates and builds upon the surfing history of the area, and the legacy of those who've surfed before him.

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About Matt:
Dreaming about surfing as a kid, Matt wasn't interested in traditional school studies, instead turning his attention to the history and culture of the surf industry. Once quoted by Drift Magazine as saying, Raw and gritty is the edge that got Australians recognised on a global level, and I plan to continue surfing, shaping and driving cars that are dedicated to this path, Matt is all about DIY and carving his own path.

Signature style:
Matt sports a classic slick back style, held in place by Uppercut Deluxe Monster Hold for extra, long lasting hold in and out of the water. 

Why Uppercut Deluxe?
With a nickname like Wax Head it's only fitting that Matt's a part of the Uppercut Deluxe family. And he's the perfect brand rep, as a pro-surfer with a slick do and great moustache, love of custom cars, and affinity for all things vintage.