Pink Motel Skate Pool
Limited Edition

Pink Motel Collection

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Pink Motel Sammlerbox
Pink Motel Sammlerbox
Pink Motel Sammlerbox
Pink Motel Sammlerbox

Pink Motel Sammlerbox

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Der Aufenthalt im Pink Motel wird unvergesslich mit der kompletten Sammlerbox. Inhalt:

  • 1 x Pink Matte Pomade
  • 1 x Schlüsselanhänger
  • 1 x Aufkleber
  • 1 x Visitenkarte
  • 1 x Sammlerbox Diese limitierte

Auflage der Matte Pomade wurde in der Sonne gebadet, in Pastellfarben getaucht und für einen wohlverdienten Aufenthalt im kultigen Pink Motel gebucht. Die Matte Pomade wurde exklusiv mit einem neuen Duft und einer einzigartigen Farbe versehen. Aber keine Sorge, diese limitierte Auflage wirkt genau si gut wie unsere bewährte Matte Pomade.


Drenched in sun, swathed in pastels and home to an iconic empty fish-shaped pool in the back lot.
The renowned Pink Motel has been cemented in the minds of skaters for over 3 decades. The nostalgia built by a classic 80’s skate movie about a brigade of young skaters driven by a spirit of fun.
The group stumbled upon a gem in the desert, an empty pool and the warm hospitality of a silver pompadoured motel owner.
The Motel is a pilgrimage site of sorts, not just with skaters, but with anyone with an affiliation for mid-century design and the freedom the open road promises.
A legendary snapshot in time, a pink survivor, and a road less travelled.

This limited edition Matte Pomade has booked in for a much deserved stay at the iconic Pink Motel.
The Pink Matte Pomade has been given the executive suite treatment, with an updated fragrance and unique colour.
Don’t worry, this limited edition will perform exactly the same as our tried and tested Matte Pomade.

Pink Matte Pomade is a limited edition collection, available while stocks last. Once it’s gone it won’t be re-stocked so grab yourself a tin or three while you can!

Our standard Matte Pomade hasn’t gone anywhere, click here to stock up on a familiar favourite.

The Collector's Edition is the best way to remember your stay. With a room hanger box, business card, sticker, keyring/keychain, and Pink Matte Pomade Tin it'll be one to remember.

No, please don't eat the pomade...

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