Why Barbers Should Choose Japanese Scissors, Presented by Hunt & Hustle

For professional barbershops, there is nothing more important than sourcing the finest equipment available. You could employ the most skilled barbers in the world, but you won’t be able to deliver the best results without effective equipment. As a barber, the number one priority is to deliver a haircut that leaves the customer walking away with a smile on their face. If customers leave satisfied, then there is a high chance that they will return for their next haircut.

You may need several types of equipment, including scissors, trimmers, styling sprays and gels, clippers, and much more. Being able to offer the perfect barbering services must begin with the scissors. Scissors should be high-quality, sharp, and well-maintained. Without this, you won’t be able to produce precise and stylish haircuts. The type of scissors you use can even affect the health of the customer’s hair. For example, shoddy scissors won’t cut the hair; they’ll break it.

Hunt & Hustle is an international brand that specialises in professional barber scissors. Their products are made with high-grade Japanese steel due to the steel’s many benefits. Hunt & Hustle has presented us with an excellent understanding of why barbers should consider using Japanese scissors above anything else.

A Reputation to Behold

Let’s start with the origins of Japanese scissors. The scissors are made with Japanese steel, which is widely considered one of the best steels in the world. This aspect is clearly one of the best benefits of the scissors. Japan has a rich heritage when it comes to crafting the perfect blades. The country is well-known for bladesmithing, with a history dating back to the fifth century AD. From samurai swords to knives, some of the world’s sharpest blades use Japanese steel. Therefore, Japan has an exceptional reputation for creating blades with precise edges. For the Japanese people, there is a sacred process involved in bladesmithing. They use only the highest quality of materials, pay meticulous attention to detail to everything they do, and exhibit enormous levels of pride. They also like to do as much as possible by hand!

Resistant to Damage & Corrosion

As with any product, barber scissors naturally deteriorate over time from wear and tear. Due to their high-quality and durable materials, Japanese scissors last for a much longer time than other types of scissors. The scissors incorporate hardened steel that is exceptionally tough and effective at offering resistance. Barber scissors risk damage and corrosion from repetitive use and mixing with chemicals, but Japanese steel reduces this risk. Barbers also don’t have to worry about sharpening or maintaining the scissors quite as much as they usually would.

Precision Is Where It Matters

Finally, what matters more than precision when it comes to a haircut? As any professional barber should already know, scissors require sharp blades to guarantee precise cuts. Without precision, you risk breaking hair instead of cutting it or creating inaccurate and shoddy cuts. As we’ve already touched on, Japanese scissors are extremely sharp. They have razor-sharp edges that allow barbers to perform smooth, precise and crisp cuts with each motion. You might also think that the scissors will be heavy to handle, but this isn’t true! Japanese steel is lightweight, meaning you can control the scissors easily and without experiencing a repetitive strain injury.

What to Consider When Choosing a Supplier

Just because a business markets its products as Japanese scissors doesn’t mean that it is a suitable option for you. When choosing a supplier for your equipment, you should consider a range of critical factors. You should check where the scissors are manufactured and confirm whether they are truly made of high-grade Japanese steel. The design of the scissors also matters. At Hunt & Hustle, we ensure that our scissors are easy to handle, reduce repetitive strain risk, and allow for a quick and smooth cutting action. In case of a problem, you should choose a supplier that offers a guarantee. Our scissors come with a 14-day guarantee so that you can return or exchange them if they don’t match the quality you expected. We are not new to the barbers scissors sector. We’ve built years of experience in the industry and know exactly what is needed to create the perfect scissors that guarantee both style and substance without sacrificing one or the other.