Uppercut Deluxe x Thomas Surfboards - Australia

Port of Call - Australia. Uppercut Deluxe x Thomas Surfboards from uppercutdeluxe on Vimeo.

Port of Call is following the Journey of Thomas Bexon as he hits the road and surfs and shapes in France, USA and Australia.

Thomas and Uppercut Deluxe have collaborated to make 3 limited boards that will be given away over the next 9 weeks. For those who don’t know Thomas Bexon we sat down with him to pick his brain about life, shaping and following the eternal stoke.

Enjoy part 2 of the interview and welcome to Port of Call, Australia.

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UD : Given your current hair and beard status, what would your stance be on using Uppercut Pomade to slick that wig?

Haha, I would get in trouble from my wife, she loves the curly, sort of messy hair look, but I use the shampoo and conditioner all the time despite what it looks like. The short hair has been on the mind for a long time, but it’s hard to let go.

UD: How old is your beard and does it provide any extra wisdom?

Haha, it definitely makes you look smarter, I don’t know whether it has any substance to it or not but you look wiser. I think it’s probably about 6 or 7 years since the last full shave.I think there have been 2 full shaves since high school.

Having a barber shop joined up to the same shop as ours we get regular trims and cut throat shaves on the neck to stop it joining up from chest to chin and Malakai and Jim keep it relatively well groomed but they haven’t had the chance to cut it all off yet, as much as they’d like to.

UD: What do you think of the new generation of surfers coming through? Do you think there is too much emphasis on aerials and not enough on the old school power surfing?

I don’t know, I think it’s impressive, I mean I can’t do it myself but I also kind of miss seeing a good round house cutback and sort of the older, Tom Curren generation’s style. I think as well, I like seeing everything you know.

A guy that can do a massive round house, Taylor. Knox style cut backs and then finish off with some crazy air on the end section, that to me is good. Rather than just seeing wiggle, wiggle, wiggle and then a big air at the end. But yeah for me the best surfing is that stuff that makes it look effortless and like you’re not trying, no matter if short boarding or long boarding. Sort of like the Craig Anderson style, that’s impressive. It’s not just about the manoeuvres, I like to see it executed nicely and it should look good as well as be impressive technically.

Also the guys’ who can ride everything, like Harrison Roach who wins all the long board comps. And then he gets on 2 foot shories and does air reverses on every second wave, you know that sort of thing is impressive too.