Time Well Spent: Sid Tapia

Sid Tapia is one nice guy, and just so happens to be insanely talented with a spray can in hand. A mainstay in Australian skateboarding, Sid now makes his way as a full time artist with a focus on large scale murals. 

Born in raised in Sydney, Sid is the son of Ecuadorian immigrants. As soon as he was old enough to pick up a pen, his mum began teaching him how to take control of it. Together they sat down for countless hours working from an old Spanish writing book until he had perfected his cursive writing. 

Throughout his formative years, Sid became exposed to the emerging hip hop culture that eventually pointed him in the direction of the graffiti and skate scene. Sid earnt his stripes and spent over a decade as a pro skater backed by brands like DC, Globe and even released a pro model through Grace Skateboards.

Now, Sid spends his time as a full time artist and family man. With commissioned work on walls all across Australia, you have probably already seen some of his stuff if not, get further acquainted here.


Uppercut Deluxe presents Time Well Spent: Sid Tapia from Uppercut Deluxe on Vimeo.