Steve Purcell Flat Top Demo

This How To is straight from the Captain’s chair, featuring Uppercut Deluxe Founder Steve Purcell. We wanted something different, and man did he deliver!!

If you know anything about Steve, you’ll know that he LOVES a good Flat Top. Though, this love affair was born out of hate, fear, and spite. Steve tells stories that as a young Apprentice, he would get cold sweats even thinking about having to cut a Flat Top. Unfortunately, in the shop, there was no hiding from the cut, and he eventually grew more and more confident with the Flatty, and eventually even looked forward to it!

The Flat Top is widely regarded as the true mark of a master barber. This style is so precise you could set your watch to it, and the guys that wear a Flat Top expect nothing less. Just a SINGLE hair out of place, can ruin this cut completely.

In this How To, Steve shares his tricks, tips, and techniques on how he approaches a Flat Top. He demonstrates how to set your sections, approach the crown, style the finished result but most importantly get the hair FLAT.

To style the Flat Top, Steve uses a combination of the newest product in the Uppercut Deluxe range, Foam Tonic and the oldest, Deluxe Pomade.

Steve uses a few pumps of the multifunctional Foam Tonic throughout the cut. Before he even starts, Steve adds a few pumps to easily cut through the model’s thick hair, he then reapplies Foam Tonic to protect the hair from the ongoing heat of the dryer and then finally adds in another pump before blow drying to protect the hair once again, but to also lock in volume.

To finish of the Flat Top, Steve takes a healthy dollop of his tried and tested Deluxe Pomade. Deluxe Pomade perfectly complements a Flat Top, adding high hold and all-day long hold.