Introducing the Uppercut Deluxe 'Cut Bus'

Like proud parents we are stoked to introduce you to the newest member of the family; ladies and gentlemen - we present the Uppercut Deluxe Cut Bus!

Over the years Uppercut Deluxe have become know for their Guerrilla style pop up barbershop activations around the globe. From retail stores, to dive bars to skate competitions, we've spun chairs and cut hairs in a variety of weird and wonderful locations. Now we’ve decided to take it to the next level with a barber shop that can go anywhere, anytime.
'The Cut Bus' is 2003 Ford E350 that has been converted into a fully functioning mobile barbershop. Complete with 2 chairs, 2 styling stations, a wash station, TV and Mini Bar. All classically styled with vinyl checkered flooring, barber pole and waiting bench. You’d swear you’re sitting in your local barber shop!

The bus is owned and operated by Cory Danger of Golden Crown Barbershop, who gave us the opportunity to utilise this amazing vehicle for a series of events through the West Coast of the USA. As well as being an amazing barber-  Cory is also well connected in the music scene, so as part of the project he ensured that The Cut Bus had exclusive access to a number of amazing gigs. Most noticeably the Punk In Drublic NOFX Tour (Stayed tuned for more on that soon)

Why the Cut Bus?  Well if you have to ask your browser clearly hasn't loaded images of this epic machine but here's why... The Cut Bus gives us a way to interact with our fans and customers like never before.
Whether we are parked in the village of a festival, the back patio of a brewery or taking over a street somewhere downtown, the Cut Bus is a great way for people to get the full Uppercut Deluxe experience.
Equipped with a fully stocked retail space, customers can get acquainted with our full range of products and  and here's the clincher! When you purchase a product you score yourself a free haircut from one of the many professional barbers we partner with.

If there's any better way to keep you looking sharp or spreading the Uppercut Deluxe love then we haven't found it yet.

Keep an eye on our blog and social channels for announcements on the the next stops on the The Cut Bus journey.