Featured Style: Natural Quiff

We’ve said it once, and we will say it again. If you are looking for an easy to maintain, easy to style and most of all versatile haircut, then a Natural Quiff is hands down one of the best options for you.

What makes a Natural Quiff one of our favourite modern cuts is the fact that a good barber should be able to shape the cut for the customers face and work with the natural movement of hair. This is a widely underappreciated part of a good haircut (and half the reason why you didn’t look like Brad Pitt with the sicked back undercut).


Natural Quiff Image

How to Style a Natural Quiff

To style your Natural Quiff properly, you need to find the right product for your hair type. Since this is a ‘Natural;’ quiff, it is best to avoid products with shine and focus on matte finished options. The biggest factor in deciding on what product is best for you is understanding how much hold you need.

For hair that sits flat and needs a lot of help to achieve the style, you are best going for Clay or Matte Pomade.

For hair that sits nicely naturally, but just needs to be tamed Easy Hold is a great choice.

Our personal favourite for this style however, is Styling Powder. Styling Powder has a flexible hold, meaning you can add less or more depending on your needs. Plus, Styling Powder doesn’t set which means you are still able to run your hands through your hair throughout the day.

If you want to see how a Barber achieves this cut, check out this How To featuring UD Barber Ambassador George Coady.