Featured Style: Messy Throwback

If you’re looking for a modern take on a classic style that’s easy to slap together in front of the mirror after rolling out of bed, this Messy Throwback by Uppercut Deluxe Founder Steve Purcell is the one to consider. A modern version of a classic Slick Back, the Messy Throwback maintains a timeless feel that holds its own. A versatile look that can worn casually or easily dressed up with a few comb lines for a clean transition from messy to a classic slicked back style.

Every good hairstyle starts with a quality cut. Before jumping in the barber chair, you’ll need a bit of length to pull off this style, we recommend at least 10cm on top; remember you can always cut more off, but you can’t stitch it back on. Asking for a throwback or slick back should do the trick, the ‘mess’ in a Messy Throwback can be achieved easily at home. If you’re still stumped, use this photo as reference for your barber to re-create.

Messy Throwback Hairstyle

How to style a Messy Throwback at home

This look is achieved using Uppercut Deluxe Featherweight, a Rake Comb and a tool as old as time, your hands. Take a scoop of Featherweight, spread through your hands and apply to damp hair from root top tip, using your fingers to comb the product in. Once applied, take a wide tooth comb and comb the hair back to achieve a Classic Slick Back with thick comb lines. Once your hair is ‘slicked’, lightly move your hands through the hair, working side to side and loosely break up the comb lines resulting in a textured, pieced out ‘no fuss’ style. The longer your hair on top, the easier it is to break up and add loose texture.

About Uppercut Deluxe Featherweight

Featherweight gets its name from being a lighter paste, that packs a punch. With low shine and firm hold, this is one of the most versatile products in the Uppercut Deluxe range.

This fiber paste was originally designed for the no-nonsense kinda guy, the guy who wants a product that can do it all. Featherweight is a light paste that has plenty of tack, which makes it perfect for creating volume and lift in styles that need a boost. Topped off with a low shine, Featherweight is perfect for creating textured, pieced out styles.

Featherweight contains ingredients that are activated through friction. When Featherweight is warmed in the hands, ingredients are activated allowing the product to begin stretch and cobweb. Once applied to hair, the fibrous ingredients create space between the individual hairs to enhance texture, while the tack begins to piece sections of hair out.

The slow drying element of the formula allows the product to remain mailable for longer, giving ample time for the user to perfect their style.

The lightweight nature of the hold in Featherweight means it can provide intense control to styles with volume, without weighing the hair down.