Featured Style: Messy Quiff

The Messy Quiff is the perfect style for the no-fuss kinda guy. An easy to style, low maintenance cut that ticks the boxes no matter the occasion.

The Messy Quiff was a 2000’s staple made popular by footy players but has since stood the test of time and has become a classic for guys of all ages. You might call it something else, but there is no doubt about this spikey men’s cut, it’s a style that is sure to impress.

Check out this example of a Messy Quiff by longtime friend of the brand, Paul Hewitt. Paul combines the Messy Quiff with a nice tight skin fade, taken up high. To finish, the barber has used Featherweight for a natural shine, but with plenty of texture and hold. 

Uppercut Deluxe | Messy Quiff

Featherweight is the perfect product to create short, messy styles without compromising control. With plenty of hold, Featherweight is able to control your style while remaining pliable, allowing you to work your hair into the perfect shape.

Not many cuts are as simple to style as this one. With these tips, you’ll be rocking the perfect Messy Quiff in 2 minutes flat.

Before you get started, hop into the shower and give your hair a wash with Shampoo and Conditioner. Styling is always easier with freshly washed hair – it’s more workable and will react far better to the product.

Once washed, give your hair a thorough towel dry.

Next, take a fingernail sized scoop of

Featherweight from the tin and spread it evenly across your hands. Rub your hands through your hair, spreading the product throughout.

Working from back to front, begin to push your hair forwards. To create texture, use your fingertips to scrunch at your hair – pay particular attention to the midsection. 

To create the quiff, take your fingertips to your fringe and light upwards. To perfect your style, take a tiny amount of

Featherweight from the tin and rub it across your fingertips. Now, pick, pinch and pull at sections to emphasize the texture in your fringe.

There you have it – the perfect Messy Quiff. 


You might be wondering, why use Featherweight?

Featherweight is one of the original products in the Uppercut Deluxe range. This product was created to create the short messy looks that dominated men’s fashion in the late 2000’s. The versatility of Featherweight meant that its popularity has never really waned, in fact it’s only ever grown!

  • Lightweight Hold: Featherweight adds hold, without weighing down your style.
  • Natural Finish: This product adds a healthy, natural shine
  • Pliable Paste: The slow drying element of the formula allows the product to remain mailable for longer, giving ample time to perfect your style
  • Washes out easy: Featherweight is completely water-based Pomade, meaning it will wash out with water alone