Featured Style: High and Loose Pomp

This style is definitely a little out there, but dang, is it cool.

Inspired by the pioneers of Rock & Roll like Buddy Holly, Roy Orbison, Johnny Cash and of course, the king, Elvis Presley, this High and Loose Pomp is an ode to yesteryear.

They say that the higher the pomp is, the closer to God you are. If that’s true, this legend must be sitting right next to him!

Uppercut Deluxe High and Loose Pomp

Uppercut Deluxe Founder, Steve Purcell, did this cut at HQ and styled it with his current favorite styling product cocktail, Salt Spray and Featherweight.

Steve added a tonne of volume to this cut thanks to a healthy dose of Salt Spray and some handy work with the blow dryer.

Steve then locked in the style and added some natural shine by using Featherweight.

Cocktailing products isn’t anything new to Steve, it’s actually how he stumbled into developing products.

Uppercut Deluxe Salt Spray was intentionally designed as a pre-styling product. It has a light hold complex that gives the hair a nice bit of grip, especially when heated. This means when you blow-dry the hair after being coated in Salt Spray, you get more control and volume, allowing you to achieve the result you are after faster and easier.

Uppercut Deluxe Featherweight is the perfect styling product for this style – it provides all the hold, adds lift, and tops off the look with a nice healthy shine.

Featherweight is a unique lightweight fiber paste designed to add intense control to styles with volume without weighing the hair down.

Featherweight contains ingredients that are activated through friction. When Featherweight is warmed in the hands, ingredients are activated allowing the product to begin stretch and cobweb. Once applied to hair, the fibrous ingredients create space between the individual hairs to enhance texture, while the tack begins to piece sections of hair out.

The slow drying element of the formula allows the product to remain mailable for longer, giving ample time for the user to perfect their style.

Don’t believe us? Try it for yourself.