Featured Style: Blunt Crop

If you haven’t already noticed, Crops have quickly become one of the most popular men’s hairstyles.

Worn by guys of all walks of life, Crop's popularity skyrocketed across Europe thanks to the influence of soccer player and a little help from Tommy Shelby of the Peaky Blinders.

A Crop refers to a style in which the hair is pushed forward over the forehead with the fringe cut above the eyebrows. You might know the Crop as a Caesar cut or maybe even a ‘French Crop’, either way, it is a style you won’t forget.

There are countless variations of the Crop with an array of ways to individualize the style.

Check out this example by Mikal Zack Uppercut Deluxe Collective Member and owner of Lefty’s Barbershop. Mikal has created the ‘blunt’ look by cropping the fringe short at in a dramatic straight line, he’s then paired the cut with a tight fade.

Blunt Cop - Uppercut Deluxe

We dig this cut because it blurs the lines between a Crew Cut and a more modern style, oozing steeziness along the way.

To maintain a sharp-looking crop, you’ll need to be visiting your barber on a regular basis – especially if you are rocking a fade.

Despite needing frequent trips to the barbershop, styling a Blunt Crop is simple with the help of a dusting of our Styling Powder.

We specially designed our Styling Powder for men’s hair. The product that adds volume and texture to all types of hair and lengths, while maintaining a natural matte finish.


Before styling your Blunt Crop, we recommend a full wash cycle using Uppercut Deluxe Shampoo and Conditioner.

Once clean, give your hair an extremely thorough towel dry. Styling Powder works best in hair that is bone dry. If you're short on time, use a blow dryer on medium heat – but be sure to direct your hair forwards!

Next, take your Styling Powder and give your hair a light dusting, ensuring your hair is totally covered.

Using your fingertips, scrunch your hair to create texture. Pick, pull, and twist at your hair to create volume.

Finally, use your fingertips to drag your fringe downwards. Continue to pick and finesse your hair until you’re happy with your style. And there you have it, the perfect Blunt Crop.