Classic Slamback with Steve Purcell

Our very own Steve Purcell transforms a messy grown out Buzzcut into a Classic Slamback.

From the early days of his barbering career Steve has always been drawn to the classics, which eventually led him down the path to opening Bare Bones Barbershop and creating Uppercut Deluxe.

In this episode of Cuts From The Captains Chair Steve shows us how to execute a tidy tapered out style that’s straight out of the 1950s and into the modern world.

This transformation really shows the power of Deluxe Pomade, our OG product, coupled up with the Foam Tonic. Using the Foam Tonic as a heat protector and pre-styling aid with the hairdryer he sets a solid base for slicking shorter hair back with the Deluxe Pomade leaving a high shine old school look.

Steve’s attention to detail is unrivalled, and it really shows through with this in depth look at his tapering process.