Chris Skeggs Wavy Bed Hair Demo

In our latest How to Cut and Style, Chris Skeggs takes us through his approach to cutting a Wavy Bed hair style.

Wavy Bed hair is all about embracing the natural movement of your hair to get a natural look with minimal fuss. It’s a look that has totally exploded in 2021, especially amongst TikTokers. Though it’s not all tensing, lip biting and silly little dance moves – wavy bed hair is a perfect style for a guy that wants a loss maintenance style with a bit of edge.

Long time friend of Uppercut Deluxe, Chris Skeggs is the owner of Queens Dock Barbershop. Located Rawtenstall, which is about 20km north of Manchester, Queens Dock is a pumping little barber shop full to the brim with happy clients and good vibes.

Skeggs’ is a talented barber, and an expert in styling his cuts. In this video, Chris shows us how he uses Foam Tonic and a diffusing sock (yes, sock) to get the curls to sit just right before dialing in the cut and finally styling Uppercut Deluxe Styling Powder.

Foam Tonic is the ultimate in hair and scalp care, offering protection against heat when blow-drying and is great in wavy hair to boost, define and enhance curls. Styling Powder on the other hand is designed to add texture, volume and control to hair. Together, these two products are a great mix for anyone not wanting a traditional wax or pomade.

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