Bush Fire Appeal Update

A huge thank you to all the legends that purchased a Tee and supported the Australian Bushfire Appeal!

We're absolutely stoked to announce that, in total, 805 shirts were purchased! These are now making their way all the across the world, from Singapore and Japan to Italy and Sweden.

Thanks to everyone who got involved and bought a shirt, a total of AUD$27,019.52 was raised. We've split this evenly between CFA, NSW RFS, CFS and Wires, each organisation has received $6,754.88. A huge thank you to our friends at PSI Screen Printing for helping us out and printing the Tee's as quickly as possible.

The support the global community has offered to Australia in the wake of the fires has been nothing short of amazing. We're very humbled to see the support and generosity offered by the Uppercut Deluxe network and it was a truely great moment to hand over the money to these deserving organisations.