Box Park Shoreditch Wrap Up

As you might have heard, Uppercut Deluxe opened a pop-up barbershop at BOXPARK Shoreditch for just two weeks from 23rd January to 4th February.

If you haven’t heard of BOXPARK before, it’s a pop-up mall which fuses street food with some of the coolest local brands around. Located in the creative heart of London, Shoreditch is a breeding ground for ideas where the outsiders, renegades and radicals meet. With vendors housed entirely in shipping containers, BOXPARK is a uniquely awesome place for a drink and a bite to eat. You can read more about BOXPARK here.

This made it a perfect location for Uppercut Deluxe to open its doors. With the help of some of London’s best local barbers, we gave out free haircuts, beard trims and plenty of samples to our visitors.
More natural and flowy styles were very popular with lots of Matt Pomade and Easy hold used, though, as usual, Deluxe Pomade was a favourite.

We were lucky enough to have people flowing through the shop continually and visitors from all over the world! We had a great time at BOXPARK.

Special thanks to Milano BarbersHeadcase BarbersPorters BarbersThe Terrace BarbersJack Rabbits BarbersMBF BarbersLuke’s BarbershopAB BarbersDonatos BarbersNomad Barbers, and Teddy Edwards Barbers for all your hard work and lending a hand.