Barbers of the Month: T.A.B

Barbershop: T.A.B  (Traditional American Barbershop)

Location: Киев, ул. Кожемяцкая 20г
Handle: @t.a.b.kyiv
Traditional American Barbershop, or T.A.B, is located in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine.
If you’re tapped into the Barbering Industry through IG, you would have seen these guys popping up all over the place. While the current trends are heading towards more modern, messy styles, the guys at T.A.B have been holding it down with straight up classics.
You see, as the name would suggest, T.A.B is all about honoring the traditional barbershop. As Artem from T.A.B. explains “Tradition is what is important to each of us. Traditions not only in the barbershop, but in life in general”.
Barbering in Ukraine tends to walk the line between classic ‘barbering’ and more new school ‘salons’ but T.A.B are dedicated to staying true to the traditions, taking inspiration from shops all over the world looking up to shops like Pugsly’s, Shane’s, Palace, Joy Birth and Crows Nest.

 T.A.B has been trading for 3 years now and will be sure to be around for a lot longer.