Barbers of the Month: Rum Razor Barbershop

Trafford place, High St, Durham DH1 1BE, UK


How would you describe the vibe of your shop? 
Laid back scoundrels who just want an easy life but always up for a laugh, it can often get out of hand and I think our neighbours wish we would be quiet, but we are the life and soul of the building. The idea was so that anyone can walk through the door and feel at ease, from tracky bottoms to a tux nobody gets judged in our place.

What's your most popular cut at the moment? 
Low fades, keeping the weight in high, a lot of the gents want the longer slicker styles but none seem to have the patience to grow it.

What Uppercut Deluxe product do use most of?
Matt Pomade, versatile and easy, great smell, great hold, washes out, voila!

Any tips for someone visiting the area?
Don’t climb the cathedral steps if your unfit! And get a Parmo pie from the bakers. Check out more from Rum Razor here.