Barbers of the Month: Nano's Barbershop

Barbers of the Month: Nano's Barbershop

Barbershop: Nano’s Barbershop and Skate House

214 Baker St. Bakersfield, CA. 93305



Nano’s Barbershop and Skate House is a second-generation shop that first opened its doors in 1969. Nowadays, it’s operated by a gent named Eddie Hernandez.

Nano is actually Eddie’s Uncle-In-Law. When Nano retired he asked Eddie if he wanted to take over the shop. Eddie took up the opportunity and put his own stamp on the shop – he’d always want to have a skate shop but was enjoying his barbering, so he combined his passions to bring his version of Nano’s to life.

Eddie had been surrounded by Barbering throughout his life. “Honestly, I was just fascinated by styling and cutting hair,” Eddie Told us.

“I felt it was like a form of art. It ties into fashion and street culture. Two things I saw ever since I was a little kid.

“Skating, graffiti, low riders, tattoos , and barbering. My family has been doing it even before I was born.”

These influences have definitely shone through and are embodied as soon as you walk into the doors of Nanos. Eddie describes it as his head exploding with his vision splattered all over the walls.

But that’s what makes Nano’s a great Barbershop. It’s not trying to be anything its not, it’s authentic.