Barbers of the Month: Greasy Fingers Barbershop

Address: 19 Trinity House Lane, HU1 2JA, Hull



How would you describe your shop’s vibe?
Chaotic, as soon as you walk in there's loud rock'n'roll, psychobilly, punk rock on the stereo. The whole team have a mix of passion and we wear them on our sleeves. The customers love that about up and often come in just to hear what we've been up too. We're a lifestyle shop and our customer base lives for the same chaos and tight clean haircuts that we do.

What’s your favourite Uppercut Deluxe product?
The product I use the most is the Matt Pomade our customers go mad for it and we can't keep enough on our shelves. My personal favourite is Monster Hold, I challenge anyone to find  better all round hair product!

What’s the best tip for someone visiting your area?
Hulls music scene is getting bigger and bigger monthly punk and psychobilly nights, rock'n'roll DJ sets on the marina. A huge renovation of the city centre after being awarded the UK City of Culture. Plus we're the most skate friendly city in the UK there's always something fun to do here.

Who is your biggest barbering influence?
Shane Nesbitt, I've been following his work long before I started barbering, his work, attention to detail and what he does for his customers keeps me pushing hard every single day. Plus the few times I've interacted with him on Instagram shows he's  swell guy.

Why did you get into Barbering?
I fell into barbering by accident, it started by shaving mohawks into my friends heads as a teenager and as we slowly started getting proper jobs they started wanting proper haircuts, I was going to college to do welding when I saw an advert for barbering apprenticeships and it just clicked, by the end of the week I was working in a shop and less than 2 years later we opened the doors to Greasy Fingers and I've never looked back. Follow Greasy Fingers on Instagram.